03 March 2009

My Personal Angel

I will not blame you on your pretendence to me.

When an angel comes to the Earth, she should hide her wings.

People are stupid and abrupt, but you are delicate and angelical.

How can I let you be hurt because of me?

Your small hands give a thick warmth.

You can always calm down my uneasy night.

The dream that I dare not to dream, through your eyes,

I then see it is just in front of me.

Your small hands have a big power.

I too can definitely soar high like you.

The place you want to go is my direction.

You have my protection so you just focus on smiling brightly.

No one can grab you away from my side.

You are my personal angel, only I can own you.

No one else can replace you in my heart.

I own a personal angel,

I wouldn't need any other wish.

If it's not for you, I am still sleeping.

Despairingly thinking that there is only darkness in life.